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Please enjoy some examples of testimonials from satisfied residents or their family members. We have chosen to remove the names of the authors in order to protect their privacy. But feel free to schedule a visit to come in and check out Lurie Terrace for yourself.

Letter from a new resident:

“The apartment is beautiful, very immaculate, just plain beautiful. It took my breath away how much attention was given to me, the new move-in person. I felt like I was home after being away from Ann Arbor for over 30 years – a great welcome home was the care given to me in my moving into Lurie Terrace.”

Letter from a resident:

“I’m so grateful to the Board, not just for their attention to design and to maintenance, but for their conscientious oversight, which assures the very best for all of us. I’m coming up to my two-year mark here, and every day there has been an increase in the pride I feel, and every day an increase in gratitude to be a part of this community.”

Letter from a resident:

“Over the years, my husband and I, helped several aging friends locate their late life residences and then to make their moves. Things changed as we grew older. The kids nudged us to move closer to them. Health issues needed better management to keep us going as well as possible. Keywords are “quality of life” and “the golden years of retirement.”

In recent years we have made the emotional break from our long-time home, said farewell to friends, and looked forward to a new, easier life style with the help and comforts our years required (and we could afford). We found Lurie Terrace the best choice for us. Our kids agreed.

Last November, we left Pennsylvania. The day the moving men came we had 18 inches of snow in our driveway and we didn’t mind at all leaving it behind. Nor would we miss warming up the car on cold winter mornings. I celebrated as we hung up the shovel in the garage and moved on to Michigan. We thought the most difficult thing was to leave our friends but we knew that, in time, we would make new friends. Best of all we knew our family would be close by, especially our precious grandchildren.

To my surprise, there are unexpected benefits. Earlier, we lived in a quiet suburban area. Here we share the eight-story apartment building with many others. I didn’t realize until we came here how important it feels to have the safety and security of a solid warm building with people nearby.

We are reassured by the sound of the elevators nearby as people come and go. Others are near if we need them. I didn’t realize until now how isolated we older folks felt in suburbia. I like the nearness of people here. If we want to spend time with others, there are many friendly people enjoying some of the common areas we all share.

A new opportunity awaits us every time we choose to go to the dining room. The food is excellent and nutritious. Someone else does the shopping, food preparation and clean up. Energy I once spent doing these chores can now be put into pleasant conversation with new friends over delicious meals. We’re glad we came to Lurie Terrace and look forward to many good years here!”